Manitowoc Community Garden

The garden closing Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015!

Plots must be cleared out by the closing date. Plowing will begin as early as Monday, Oct. 12.

All foreign material must be removed from all plots by the closing date. Foreign material includes stakes, buckets, any plastic objects or material, and all string. Anything grown in your plot, including corn stalks or unwanted produce, may remain and will be plowed under. Please move any large rocks in your plot to the edges of the lanes so they are clearly visible and we will pick them up. Any plots that have not been cleared out by the closing date will forfeit their deposit.

The City of Manitowoc Parks Department will begin dumping a large amount of leaves in the garden soon after the closing date. Gardeners may begin spreading leaves in your plot this fall or in the spring. Any gardeners who do not want leaves should notify us, and we will remove the pile(s) from your plot.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to help should call, text or email Ron or Nyialong using the contact info below.

Updated: Sunday, Sep. 27, 2015

Gardeners with church in background.

The Manitowoc Community Garden is a non-profit collaboration open to everyone in our community. Because of the generosity of Faith Evangelical Free Church and The Manitowoc Company, we have a total of 45 acres for our garden site. Please consider joining us in this fun and productive community activity!

Everyone is welcome!

The Manitowoc Community Garden offers free garden space to any church or civic group to grow produce for local food pantries.

Ron Kossik, Coordinator (Volunteer)

414-704-4571 (English, with texting)
920-645-1555 (Hmong, with texting)

Manitowoc Community Garden Inc.
PO Box 562
Manitowoc, WI 54221-0562

Soil Analysis
Soil Sample Areas Map

Soil Analysis Results
(Analysis of all samples is now complete.)

[ I did a spring spreading of 350 lbs of 6-20-31-5s-.5zn on my 1/2 acre plot as recommended by Country Visions Co-op based on the soil analysis results. The recommendation was based on the results from the north end of the garden (which was all that was available at the time). The cost was $17.50 per 50 lb bag. --Ron ]

Current Map (with plot dimensions)

2009 Site Map

2009 Site Map (with plot dimensions)

 2015 Fee Schedule 

Plot Size Cost
25x25 $ 30.00
25x50 $ 40.00
50x50 $ 50.00
(1/8 Acre)
$ 75.00
(1/4 Acre)
$ 100.00
(1/2 Acre)
$ 150.00
There is also a $20.00 per
plot refundable deposit.

The Manitowoc Community Garden gratefully recognizes the support of these organizations:

Faith Evangelical Free Church

The Manitowoc Company

Roorbach's Flowers and Garden Center

Lowe's Home Improvement Center

Herald Times Reporter

Rustic Iron Tractor Club

Hmong Community Center

City of Manitowoc

Manitowoc County

Other area community gardens:

Grow It Forward

Two Rivers Community Garden

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